Dr. Larry Levin graduated from the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Dentistry and divided his time between clinical dentistry and dental research for an ergonomic dental equipment manufacturer, before establishing his own Hamilton dental practice.

Firmly committed to education and community involvement, Dr. Levin has served on various dental association boards, and has served as President of the Hamilton Academy of Dentistry, and the Ontario Dental Association. He has served on McMaster University’s Medical Admissions Committee, and for the last six years has been a board member of the Canadian Dental Association and became President of the Association in April 2017.

In his practice, he is continually learning and updating his skills and techniques, often attending courses and conferences with his staff.

In the broader community, Dr. Levin has served as a Cub leader, was on the Board of his children’s school, and has served on the Board of the UJA Federation as well as serving as its President. Dr. Levin has been a Board member and currently sits as Past President of Shalom Village, a seniors residence and long term care home in Hamilton.

Dr. Levin has been honoured for his community work by many organizations including the Hamilton Police. He has also received numerous awards for his work in dental associations.

In his spare time, Dr. Levin enjoys riding motorcycles, photography, skiing, scuba diving and above all, spending time with his family.

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